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Online Tutorial

Park Scene.

These series of graphics, are for a tutorial video explaining how camera parts work and function. For this project, I had to create graphics of not only camera parts but certain scenes for illustration purposes.

What I liked about the project was the fact that I was able to combine two things I enjoy: illustration and motion design. As a graphic designer, learning how not to just create and animate graphics but also incorporating the pacing and narrative principles needed with video editing was truly a learning experience, as well as a juggling act of different programs!


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Motion design

LoGo Design

Client / Heart Touch Project

For this logo, the Heart Touch Project wanted a design that

showcased their 25th anniversary as a non-profit organization whose mission offers healing in health care through empathetic touch.

I ended up having two final versions of the logo  that the client really liked. The one with the ribbon banner and the ones with the fireworks.

Ultimately upon my suggestion, the client ended up going with the ribbon banner version as the main design while having the fireworks version serve as a social media graphics post.


Client / Brand Logo

For this project, I needed a logo for my blog and youtube channel. The focus of those channels would be on writing and sharing my experiences since embarking on my freelance journey. 



I knew I wanted a logo that had the color green in it. I also knew I wanted a big bold "F" on the front but that was about it. I didn't know exactly how I wanted the logo to manifest itself but luckily for me, the design process worked itself out.

Ultimately, I decided to follow the golden rule of less is more and I think the final output turned out well. 

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Print Design

Client / Urban Methodist Foundation



For this project, The Urban Methodist Foundation was looking to revamp their "Ultreya festival" flyer invitations. They host these events once a year, and were looking for a different color palette for the fall 2019 event. 


(The original flyer was designed by TBD)

Previous palettes

This assignment ended up being a bit more complex than expected because in addition to choosing a new color swatch, I had to individually recolor all the other elements in the graphic and make sure they were repositioned correctly.

Upon completion, the redesign included the updated color palette, new copy, certain objects and elements moved and replaced, and the appropriate bleed number for printing. This process was tricky as I had to go back and adjust the bleed numbers based on what client said the printing department was specifying. We finally got to the right bleed number after a few attempts!

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