I like to think of design as an intuitive and personal process. I am sure that's been said time 

and time before, but here me out - it really is personal. When a client has a vision, it's up to the designer to match it as closely as possible.

Likewise, when a designer has a direction in mind, it usually comes from an intuitive place - a place not just from experience, but a place uniquely personal to that designer.


Now that I've gotten the theoretics out of the way; check out some of my work!


LoGo Design

Client / Heart Touch Project

heart touch 25th anniversary logo

For this logo, the Heart Touch Project wanted a design that

showcased their 25th anniversary as a non-profit organization whose mission offers healing in health care through empathetic touch.


(The original logo was designed by Clair Chew)



I ended up having two final versions of the logo that the client really liked. The one with the ribbon banner and the ones with the fireworks.


Ultimately upon my suggestion, the client ended up going with the ribbon banner version as the main design, while having the fireworks version serve as a social media graphics post.


Client / Brand Logo

christian freedlancer logo.png

For this project, I needed a logo for my blog and youtube channel. The focus of those channels would be on writing and sharing my experiences since embarking on my freelance journey. 



I knew I wanted a logo that had the color green in it. I also knew I wanted a big bold "F" on the front but that was about it. I didn't know exactly how I wanted the logo to manifest itself but luckily for me, the design process worked itself out.

Ultimately, I decided to follow the golden rule of less is more and I think the final output turned out well. 

More Logos

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yahir smith media logo

My Logo

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free maria logo

Freemaria Logo

citizens committee for nyc logo


Motion design

Online Tutorial


These series of graphics, are for a tutorial video explaining how camera parts work and function. For this project, I had to create graphics of not only camera parts but certain scenes for illustration purposes.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 12.21.48


Park Scene.

What I liked about the project was the fact that I was able to combine two things I enjoy: Illustration and motion design. As a graphic designer, learning how to not just design and animate graphics, but also implementing pacing and narrative principles through video editing, was a good challenge as well as a juggling act!


Client / Knowleaf


For this project, the client needed an explainer video demonstrating their site navigation and how they help vendors, consumers, and businesses market and distribute their cannabis products.

Artboard 7-100.jpg
Artboard 8-100.jpg

This was a fun and interesting project for me since I didn't know too much about the cannabis industry. For the look, the client wanted a 2D "Flat design" aesthetic for the video.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 4.29.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 10.21.40

To make sure we were both on the same page; I provided mockups and and a moodboard alongs the way. I made sure to submit these weekly to the client so they knew the direction I was going in. It was difficult in choosing a direction as we both liked the simple 'cartoony' illustrations as well as the more humanistic ones. Eventually I settled on the more "realistic" looking character illustrations. 

 explainer Video


GRaphic & print design

web design

Client / The Clock Specialist

For this project, the client needed a website redesign. They are a locally owned clock vendor in Burbank California who specialize in selling and repairing antique clocks. 


Since 2009, they have been contemplating on revamping their website. They just weren't sure on how to go about the process until I met one of the owners at an event, and we got to talking on how he wanted the site to have a more modern, updated and contemporary look and feel.

Page Mockups

Artboard 4.png

Throughout the process, I created mockups for the client as they didn't know the exact direction they wanted to go in. Through our working together, i was able to come up with a new updated look and feel for their site; while still retaining the sort of classic, traditional and vintage aesthetic that they had established equity in.



Print Design

Client / Urban Methodist Foundation



Ultreya_Invite_Inside_201 10-8-2019PHOTO


For this project, The Urban Methodist Foundation was looking to revamp their "Ultreya festival" flyer invitations. They host these events once a year, and were looking for a different color palette for the fall 2019 event. 


(The original flyer was designed by TBD)

Previous palettes


This assignment ended up being a bit more complex than expected because in addition to choosing a new color swatch, I had to individually recolor all the other elements in the graphic and make sure they were repositioned correctly.


Upon completion, the redesign included the updated color palette, new copy, certain objects and elements moved and replaced, and the appropriate bleed number for printing. This process was tricky as I had to go back and adjust the bleed numbers based on what client said the printing department was specifying. We finally got to the right bleed number after a few attempts!

More Prints

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CCFNY Billboard Sign

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citizens commitee grants lye

CCFNY Grants Poster

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carlos de los santos illustration

CDLS Illustration



"We have been putting off creating our company website ever since 2009 until we found Yahir. We were referred to Yahir through a friend, and from the moment we started working with him, he was professional and fast. He took us through the process of customizing and contouring our website to our liking and focused on the objectives we wanted to accomplish. He listened attentively and quickly; as well as made any changes and tweaks as we requested. Overall, we are very satisfied with the end product."


- Shaunt Anserlain

The Clock Specialist

knowleaf logo.png

“it was great, Yahir came in at a clutch time and was very adaptable. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or the potential of what we’re able to do with this so, he helped stretch it a little bit more than simply a podcast. He did a good job of acknowledging timelines & deliverables.

- Tedd Bernard


"The Urban Foundation worked with Yahir to update the design to the invitation to our Kid City program’s annual event. We are a small nonprofit, so we appreciate that Yahir volunteered to help, especially as we ended up in a pinch, time-wise and budget-wise. Yahir really came through with a choice of four beautiful color palettes. We selected one,and he completed the design and revisions quickly. We appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to make last minute changes!"

The Urban Foundation

- Anne Hawthorne

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.11.47 PM.png

"I would like to take a minute to recommend Yahir Smith for his work on my personal vlog as well as on my youtube  channel! Not only does Yahir provide quality work but he also listened to my needs and created final videos that were beyond my expectations. Yahir is very easy to work with and his work is completed in a timely fashion! Thank you Yahir for all your hard work!"

Ayers Travel, Inc

- Maria Ayers